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Here's the first, from Bobby Marshall (Digby)..


I see you have a section for stories. Maybe this isn't what your looking for ?? Not sure. This is just a couple of funny things that came out of Dutch when he was about 27 years old. What a rockn' roller. What an entertainer, What a comedian, and What a friend.

Dutch & I had a room together in Saint John, N.B. for about a couple years. We were playing at places like Lily Lake & up to Fredericton & Moncton. We never really made any money, barely paying our rent & whatever we scrounged up for food. It seemed that all we ever ate was do-nuts. One cold winter snowy morning we were standing outside our regular corner restaurant about to go in for our usual when Dutch looked at me & said " I'm so hungry I Do-Nut know what to do." Ha!

Dutch was also a good friend of my family from living in Kentville. Anyway, he talked Dad into giving him some money to buy this 1952 cadillac An oldy but in pretty good shape. The day Dutch bought the car we went out to the Flame restaurant for supper. Sitting there gazing out the restaurant window Dutch suddenly looked over & said :

" Gees Bobby, can you imagine?.. Just yesterday we were starvin to death living on nothin but Do-Nuts. Today look, we're dining at one of the finest restaurants in Saint John eating t-bone steak, with a Cadillac parked out side."

In the mid 60's we were moving up to Toronto. There was this guy in Saint John that always wanted to hang around the band. He was a cross dresser. He would dress all up in dresses, nylons, hat, wig, lip stick & then head off downtown to ladies luncheons & stuff. He loved how he could fool them all. Of course Dutch loved to tease him. Anyway This guy we'll call him J. wanted to come to Toronto with us. As usual we had no money so Dutch told J., if you really wanna come you have to get us some money. Dutch & I used to have a room at the Belmont hotel. Dutch said to J you can get lots of money from the hotel desk when the night clerk goes upstairs to check the back doors. One night we sat on a park bench in Queen Square facing the lobby of the hotel. At 11pm J. showed up & off he went to get the cash but a few minutes later back he came empty handed. He said there was no money but we could see he never got to the cash register. He chickened out. Dutch told him well that was that, " your not coming to Toronto " J was very upset & ran off.

Later that night about 3:30 am we heard this thump thump coming up our stairs & frantic knocking on our door. Dutch opened it and J burst in, fell on the floor puffing & panting. He had a cloth bag that spilled over the floor. It was full of rings, jewelry , and lots of old coins. J. shouted turn out the lights, turn out the lights. Dutch couldn't resist, he ran to the window opened as high as possible & started yelling out to the street below" you'll never take us alive copper, you'll never take us alive." Then laugh like crazy. That poor little J. damn near had a heart attack. He actually went out & robbed somebody. J. Never did come to Toronto with us.

After about 3 years Dutch & I ended up back in N.S. I eventually stopped playing with Dutch. While in Toronto Dutch traded the Cadillac for a 55 Chrysler. When I left Dutch we were in Kentville & I was going to Digby. He just said here Bobby take the car, it's yours. Dutch still came to Digby now & then. Now needed a drummer & oh ya, and transportation. He said well, I ran an ad in the newspaper.

"Wanted " "Drummer with truck".

I was 14 or 15 when Dutch started teaching me to play drums / guitar. Thanks Dutch